Lifelong Resident of Stony Plain Announces His Candidacy for Council

Courtesy: Eric Meyer for Stony Plain Council

Eric Meyer, a young family man in Stony Plain hopes to bring new ideas to the town Council.

Eric Meyer has lived in Stony Plain since he was two years old. Since then he has been an active member of the community through various volunteer opportunities such as with the Stony Plain Fire Department as well as serving as a coach for local football teams.

Meyer, now raising his own family in Stony Plain in addition to helping run his family busing business is running in his first municipal election. Meyer says he is running not only because he loves the town he grew up in, but he wants to be a voice for young families, and after volunteering for so many years he believes this is the next step in giving back to the community.

Meyer also believes having lived in the town almost his entire life gives him a unique perspective on how to move the town forward and how to help its growth. In an exclusive one-on-one interview with One News, Meyer outlined his platform and the issues he plans to tackle.

When it comes to some of the issues of not only Stony Plain, but the Tri-Region as well, Meyer provides some alternate views, but ultimately his focus is on infrastructure and more volunteerism in the community. "What would I like to change? Infrastructure, we need to upgrade our infrastructure." Meyer says, "and we need to get people that have moved in here involved in this community".

Following up on infrastructure, Meyer addressed the possibility of a new recreational facility in the Tri-Region saying Stony Plain would be ideal for the facility as residents of the town and people out further west in Parkland County are having longer and longer drive times to get to the Tri-Leisure due to new lights and construction. Meyer adds "It's not as accessible to the residents of Stony Plain" he states "It's time Stony Plain gets one of these facilities."

Another major platform of his campaign is the issue of bringing more volunteerism to the town. Meyer sees opportunity for more members of the community to become involved in places like the Pioneer Museum, a place where volunteerism is a driving force. He believes the first step in promoting more volunteerism in the community is a greater level of communication regarding. Meyer states, " People need to be aware of the opportunities if they are going to volunteer, you look and you ask yourself, if you don't have a special interest how do you become involved in this community, you have to be made aware of it, and I feel like we could do a better job there."

Meyer also brings a unique view to automated traffic enforcement saying that although he believes it does help in the prevention of speeding, he does not believe it is being utilized as effectively as it could be. Meyer would like to primarily see a shift in where the ATE's are located and he would like to see them located more visibly in school and residential areas, especially near cross walks.

In closing statements , Meyer feels he can not only provide a unique voice, but having lived in Stony Plain almost his entire life he find himself in a unique position. His motto for his campaign is "bridging the past with our future" and he describes that as not only carrying on the rich history of Stony Plain but also being able to provide support for the new young families that are also now calling Stony Plain home.

To hear the full interview, edited for time, with Town of Stony Plain Council Candidate Eric Meyer, click the player. 





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