Liberal MP Candidate Seeks to Join Government in Ottawa

Brian Gold is in the running for the upcoming by-election for the vacant MP seat in Sturgeon River-Parkland.

Liberal candidate Brian Gold is hoping to be the voice for Sturgeon River-Parkland in Ottawa.

As a resident of the riding for the past 15 years, Gold has chosen the Spruce Grove and Stony Plain area to raise his family. Living in the area he expresses his love for the community, and his decision to run stems from that passion. He wants to represent the people of the riding proudly and ensure this riding represents the strength and freedom of the nation.

In terms of his experience, he believes his knowledge from decades of experience in business and pushing companies internationally will help with Canada's rapid expansion and growth.

Speaking to some of the issues, Gold outlines his focus on bringing pipelines to tidewater, ensuring trade initiatives get carried on, keeping infrastructure strong in the economy and ensuring the small business tax break is brought down to nine percent. Due to his experience he would like to lend hands to international trade and economic prosperity if elected. Additionally, Gold says, "the military is very important to me, and one thing I'm very proud of our government is we're almost doubling over the next decade our commitment to defense spending and that's the essential part of keeping Canada free".

Continuing with focus on Canada's energy sector, Gold recognizes the importance of pipelines and focus on energy as he knows it is the key resource pushing the economy forward. He also speaks to the investments the government is making in regards to clean technologies as he says, "that's the economy of the future so I think policies that will support that will be a focus of mine".

Addressing the small business tax, Gold believe the Liberals are on the right track moving forward as they have made good on their promise to reduce the tax rate. "Changing tax policies is about one of the most complicated things a government can do" Gold continues, "so it's been great to get this feedback, and we especially have heard the concerns of farmers". He also add he wants to ensure farmers have no complications in passing down their family farms to their children.

In discussing the legalization of marijuana next year, Gold believes the change is necessary as the current system of criminalization has failed. He states, "It has allowed organized crime to profit, it hasn't been controlled, there's an appalling number of minor who have had access to it". Gold also compares the outlawing of marijuana much to the prohibition era as he notes more people were consuming alcohol when it was illegal and this eventually led to the formation of the mafia. 

In closing, Gold addresses that if elected, he will have some large shoes to fill if her were to take over for Rona Ambrose. He notes, "I want to do the same thing, I want to be a reliable experienced voice in government, someone that the voter, citizens and taxpayers can rely on to be focused every day on improving the economy helping them increase wealth and jobs and not be distracted by any side issues that may arise".

Gold joins the race against Conservative Dane Lloyd, NDP'er Shawna Gawreluck and CHP's Ernest Chauvet.

To hear the full unedited interview with Liberal Candidate Brian Gold, click the player below.


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