Incumbent Councillor Hopes to Build Off Past Success

Bruce Lloy is running for re-election in the upcoming municipal election for the Town of Stony Plain

A familiar face is now seeking re-election come October 16th.

Bruce Lloy is coming off his first full term as a Councillor for the Town of Stony Plain after previously being voted in through a by-election. Now with over five years of experience under his belt, Lloy hopes he can continue to contribute to the town by staying on as a Councillor. Lloy has lived in the community for 29 years and has raised his children and grandchildren in Stony Plain. A retired member of the RCMP he has been fully dedicated to Stony Plain serving on a number of boards and council in addition to volunteering his spare time to the community.

In a one-on-one interview with One News, Lloy shares that his decision to run for re-election came from his love for the town. He says, "I have the passion, I have the health, I have the time, and the passion drives you". 

Speaking to past accomplishments, Lloy feels he and Council have checked a lot of boxes. The RCMP building and working towards one detachment stand out to him as a major accomplishment, as well as the re-construction of Boundary Road and the construction of the new Heritage Park Pavilion. Referring to the "less sexy stuff" he notes the downtown infrastructure repairs as something he is still proud of.

There's still more to accomplish in Lloy's books as he looks towards the growth of the town. He says growth is inevitable and as a Councillor, it is important to make sure they manage that growth. He explains, "we want to keep our taxes reasonable, we have a very good tax system now, so we manage the growth and keep our community safe".

Speaking more to growth in the Tri-Region, Lloy believes cooperation with regional partners is key. In seeing a potential amalgamation of Spruce Grove and Stony Plain in the future, Lloy states, "to work together in almost everything we do to manage that growth".

Being on the current Council and seeing the indoor recreational facility strategy, Lloy sees the need for a new facility in Stony Plain. Noting the last facility build for the town was the Glenn Hall Centennial Arena, he believes the town needs another facility to accommodate the growing population. He adds, "when we're trying to attract people to come to Stony Plain we can't just say, here's a house and here's what it costs' we have to have amenities for them". He adds it will be a key priority moving forward, but funding will be key in moving forward with the recreational plan.

In terms of attracting business to the town of Stony Plain, Lloy believes the town is on the right track, but working with their partners in the area is important in continuing to attract business. 

In closing, Lloy restates his drive still burns inside him. He says, "I still believe I have the passion, I know I have the passion to work hard and I enjoy it, I love going to the Town Office and meeting with our staff and my fellow Councillors and the Mayor, and always working hard to make it a better place than when I arrived".

To hear the full unedited interview with Stony Plain Council Candidate Bruce Lloy, click the player below.

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