Golf courses in Parkland County wrapping up season on a high note

Courtesy: Stony Plain Golf Course.

The industry saw an unexpected spike in rounds played this season.

The golf season in Parkland County is ending, but for the head professionals and managers that run the clubs, all of them are happy with how this year played out, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“In general, it was a great season,” said Stony Plain Golf Course Executive Professional Jeff Cuthbertson. “We were very lucky to be allowed to open, especially with the number of people that got out and participated, and that not only included our regular players, but it brought a number of new players out to the course.”    

Almost all courses in the Tri-Region saw a record number of rounds played after the province allowed courses to open as part of its relaunch plan back in May. According to an operational report from May to August for the Stony Plain Golf Course, a total of 29,608 rounds were played, over 11,000 more than last season. For the month of May when golf was given the green light, Cuthbertson and his crew saw 4,685 rounds played, over 5x as many rounds as compared to last May. Cuthbertson also estimates just under 5800 rounds were played in September alone.  

“It’s incredible to see (those numbers). It reminded me of the glory years of the golf course back in the 90s. it was nice to see that type of return.”   

Another reason golfers new and familiar to the sport flocked courses was due to proper physical distancing unlike traditional sports such as hockey, football or basketball. Conditions were also favorable for the majority of the summer and early fall; the course only saw seven rain days compared to 38 from last year. 

Cuthbertson, along with other working pros hopes those golfers that enjoyed this season will come back for more in 2021.  

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