Fundraiser will support Stony Plain family affected by Lyme disease

Paighten and Rebecca Billey

"Help the Billey Family Kick Lyme Disease's Ass" to be held on Saturday, April 13.

The community is coming together Saturday night for a fundraiser to support a Stony Plain family affected by Lyme disease.

Rebecca Billey and her eight-year-old daughter Paighten both live with the disease and created a GoFundMe page to raise money for treatments and travel expenses. This sparked two women to organize Saturday’s fundraiser.

Billey says her eight-year-old daughter was an extremely active girl before she became sick late last year. She says Paighten’s situation has continued to worsen since The ONE spoke to her in February.

“She has some bad days and then she has some really bad days. Sometimes we get an hour out of her, sometimes three hours. For the most part, Lyme disease is not a fun disease and this is not a quick, easy fix. It’s extremely painful, frustrating and difficult – especially for an eight-year-old,” she said.

Rebecca says she hopes Saturday's event can be about more than just her family.

"I hope there’s at least two doctors who darken that doorway. I hope to just open their [doctors and the government] eyes. If we can help one family or person with information or direction [on dealing with Lyme disease]. I’d love to be able to pay-it-forward,” she said.

She says doctors and governments have been hesitant to deal with the controversial topic of chronic Lyme disease.

Billey says she’s surprised by how much support their story has got.

“It has been overwhelming, just absolutely unimaginable. We were doing it [GoFundMe] just to get help from family and friends, and then it just exploded into this whole thing. It has been the most humbling experience; it’s just incredible,” she said.  

The fundraiser will be held at the Canadian Brewhouse in Spruce Grove from 5:00-9:00. You can get a burger and drink for $20, as well as enjoy a silent auction and a 50/50 draw.

Full event details here. 

Read more of the Billeys' story here. 

GoFundMe page. 


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