Former Stony Plain RCMP officer to serve 12 months in jail

Aaron Lee Sayler was handed 10 separate charges in court last week.

A former Stony Plain RCMP officer has been sentenced to 12 months in jail, after being convicted on 10 separate charges last week.

The charges to Aaron Lee Sayler range from fraud, to harassment and stalking, to theft.

Back in late 2016, Sayler was initially hit with four charges after being accused of taking an airsoft gun from a vehicle he searched the year before, and keeping it for himself.

He was also accused of filing a false hit and run report to insurance in 2014.

After resigning from the RCMP following his initial arrest, the police force added three more fraud charges, and two mischief and harassment charges to his docket in early 2017.

Along with forging documents to get over $9000 worth of RCMP relocation money, he vandalized the homes and vehicles of women he had previously been in relationships with.

With $11,000 now paid back to the RCMP and his insurance company, Sayler will spend a year behind bars, and stay on probation for 24 months after that.

He’ll also reappear in court later this month, after skipping his initial sentencing hearing in February, and trying to illegally obtain a passport to flee.

Sayler started his RCMP career in Slave Lake in 2012, before moving to Stony Plain the next year.

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