First Time Candidate Wants to Bring New Ideas to Council

Courtesy: Elect Justin Laurie

Justin Laurie is running in his first election for the Town of Stony Plain Council.

Justin Laurie joins the list of candidates running for their first time on Stony Plain Town Council.

Laurie is no stranger to the Tri-Region having lived in the area his entire life, but he and his wife have chosen Stony Plain as the place to raise their family. He is also a dedicated member of the community having served on various boards and committees such as the FCSS where he is Board Chair. He also volunteers his time as a firefighter for the town.

In a one-on-one interview with One News, Laurie admits his passion is community service, and he has been considering running for town Council for quite a while. It wasn't until this election season Laurie felt fully prepared to serve the residents of Stony Plain to the best of his ability. He states, "4 years ago I almost pulled the trigger to run for Council and I didn't quite feel I was ready at the time and in those 4 years I've done a lot of work forward to get myself into a position where I feel like I'm ready to represent the residents of Stony Plain" Laurie adds, "that led us to where we are today and me stepping up and feeling I'm ready to take on that role".

Having been involved in the community for so long and now beginning to raise his family in the town, Laurie hopes he can bring a fresh perspective to Council while still being able to maintain the historic standing of Stony Plain. Laurie adds "We have a Council who has done a phenomenal job over the last several years, but I think there's a lot of value in bringing in that new perspective as to what all is going on in the communities". He also recognizes the balance between seniors and the arrival of new families is something that is important in moving the town forward.

Laurie also brings a large platform to his campaign as he wants to be well rounded if he were elected as opposed to fighting for one key issue. He says "you're looking at a 4 year term and as a Councillor you're looking for more than one of those terms, so for me it's more than important than fixing one specific issue, it's taking a wide range look at what all is going on in the town and bringing that forward as a vision for the future".

In terms of tackling the issues, Laurie has heard from residents in the community the issue of a recreational facility being brought up a lot, and that is something he believes is important to address going forward. Laurie believes, based on the Tri-Plan along with census information showing growth in population, the Tri-Region is long overdue and desperate for another recreational facility much like the Tri Leisure. Referencing the study again Laurie states, "ultimately, I fully agree with the study that came out saying Stony Plain would be the best location for this facility based on the demographics for the area and what all we have going on here".

Laurie also believes in a full regional approach working with the other municipalities to ensure effective and responsible growth in the future. He recognizes Stony Plains expansion is out west, but he feels in order to properly expand Council should ensure the necessary actions are taken so as not to step on the toes of places like the Pioneer Museum.

Laurie also brings a unique perspective to the Westview Health Centre. He notes due to the population growth the Centre can no longer offer the services it once provided and he would like to see an expansion so the facility can once again operate like it has in the past. Speaking specifically to bringing back a maternity ward he states, "I think it's fantastic we have such a great continuing care facility at the hospital, but I think as much as I'd like to support having the aging in place I'd also really like to see that hospital support young families growing in Stony Plain not having to go to Edmonton to have their children".

In closing Laurie addressed the voters and urges them strongly to get out and vote to ensure the community's voice is heard. He also notes that residents shouldn't be afraid to get out and talk to their candidates through whatever medium necessary. Laurie is running on the slogan "Together, let's make the town with a painted past, a community with a bright future" a statement he believes holds very true as he says "it really is in the community's hands to dictate what direction we go".

To hear the full unedited interview with Stony Plain Town Council Candidate Justin Laurie, click the player below.



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