First-time Candidate Seeks Alderman Seat

Spruce Grove's Stephanie Chard is running in 2017 election.

A Spruce Grove resident since she was a child, Stephanie Chard is looking to earn a spot on council.

After filling out all the required information and submitting her papers to the city, Chard is now actively campaigning and seeking election as an Alderman when voters head to the polls in Spruce Grove on October 16th.

With a background in social work and a degree in psychology and a minor in sociology Chard, 25, is running to improve what she perceives is a lag when it comes to the city's social services.

"I know we are very much lacking.  There's people fleeing to the City of Edmonton and surrounding areas in order to access these services.  I would like to see people not have to do that," claims Chard with regard for those seeking help for issues like mental health or domestic violence.  "There's people that aren't getting services at all because they can't afford transportation into [Edmonton] to get these services."

Earlier in June, Chard and her partner Tessa attended a council meeting so Tessa could ask why the city hadn't recognized PRIDE week or month.  Both Chard and her partner feel this has alienated the LGBTQ+ community in Spruce Grove.

"Number one thing I'm going for in my platform is having the city recognize PRIDE," says Chard.  "I do think by having the city recognize pride, it's opening up the doors to being a more inclusive city which is something the city is looking to go after in their social sustainability plan."

Chard is self-aware of her young age and while she does admit the process of campaigning or being elected would require a learning process, she also sees upside in her youth.

"With me being 25, I do believe that is a massive strength because one of the reasons I want to run for council is I do not feel my generation and my voice is being represented on our city council," says Chard.

While she certainly wants to implement change when it comes to services provided by the city, Chard is also putting an emphasis on keeping taxes low for residents, noting she wants "to make as little impact on taxation as possible."

For The One 88.1 FM's full, unedited interview with Alderman candidate Stephanie Chard, click here or click the file below.  


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