Federal bill introduced to honour St. Albert’s Lyle and Marie McCann's deaths

Lyle and Marie McCann

"McCanns' Law" would further punish convicted murderers who refuse to reveal the location of a victim's body or remains.

A local MP has introduced a bill in honour of a St. Albert couple who were killed in 2010.

Dane Lloyd, MP for Sturgeon River - Parkland brought the bill to the House of Commons earlier today and says this was his number one priority when he was elected.

“The reason for this legislation was the tragic murder and disappearance of Lyle and Marie McCann. It’s been nearly a decade since they went missing [July 3, 2010]. Travis Vader’s been convicted [of manslaughter in 2017] with a life sentence for their murder, and we still don’t know what he did with the remains,” said Lloyd.

McCanns’ Law would create further consequences during sentencing and parole hearings, for convicted murderers who refuse to provide information on the location of the body or remains of a victim. Lloyd says this may incentivize killers to reveal this information in an effort to face lighter punishment.

The couple’s son, Bret McCann, says this is hugely important to his family.

“This is part of knowing what happened to my parents and being able to grieve and reach some closure. I really see this bill as a way to encourage Vader and other offenders to really acknowledge their guilt, express remorse, and step-up and tell the truth," said McCann.

He says it’s a great honour to have this bill being named after his parents and thinks implementing it would be beneficial for all parties. 

“This [law] should be a critical step in the offender’s rehabilitation. A goal of our corrections system is to rehabilitate the offenders, and acknowledging guilt is key in that,” said McCann.  

Dane Lloyd agrees that the bill helps everyone.

“This is not about being tough on criminals, this is about standing-up for the rights of victims and their families. I believe all parties, even the criminal party, will benefit from this restorative justice measure,” said Lloyd.

Travis Vader is eligible for parole in 2021.

A petition in support of the bill can be found here.  



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