Father of assault victim hopes to end local violence

Photo courtesy of Guy Quenneville

Guy Quenneville held a peaceful rally last Friday in support of his 16 year old who was assaulted on school grounds.

The father of a 16 year old who was brutally attacked on school grounds in Spruce Grove is calling for more resources.

On October 27th, Police were called at about 10:45pm, and say the teenager had been robbed, hit with an illegal gun, and stabbed.. all for a cellphone.

Last Friday, Guy Quenneville held a peaceful rally outside of the Stony Plain courthouse to end violence in the tri region.

Guy spoke with One News and said adding more police officers will help the issue, however the main focus is to come together as a group and be proactive.

The two 19-year-olds are Vincent Whitford and Jonathan Dixon, and both are facing assault and weapons-related charges.

They'll be in Stony Plain court on November 21.


JL/ One News


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