Emergency Preparedness Day coming up in Stony Plain

Family event hosted at Heritage Park next weekend

Stony Plain is kicking off the weekend with Emergency Preparedness Day at Heritage Park next Saturday.
Members from local groups including the Stony Plain Fire Department, RCMP, Parkland Search and Rescue, and Alberta Health Services will be on hand to put a wrap on Emergency Preparedness Week.
Each organization will have giveaways and information to pass on, in an effort to make people aware of how they should prepare for emergencies.
Stony Plain Fire Chief Trevor Mistal says they're also trying something new this year.

"At noon there's going to be a live burn with two burn cells - one with a sprinkler system and one without. And we're going to prove what the value of residential sprinklers are," he said.

He also touched on the most common mistake he sees people make.

"I think it's complacency. We preach the 72 hour kit - in a big event, emergency services are going to be tasked handling the event, they're not going to be able to help out the individual resident. So what we preach is to have a 72 hour kit, be prepared for those first three days," he said.

"Have some water, have some food, clothing, medicine, insurance, some cash, all that kind of stuff to help you out. Because for those first three days, you could be all on your own."

The event runs next Saturday, May 11, from 10 to 3 and is free to attend.

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