Devon looking to change the way Albertans recycle

Town of Devon wants to introduce Extended Producer Responsibility to the province.

Devon residents and businesses are being asked to help propose a new provincial recycling program.

The Town of Devon aims to encourage the province to implement an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program.

EPR shifts the responsibility and cost of recycling from governments and consumers to producers themselves. Devon is looking for its residents to write letters voicing their concerns, which will then be given to the province.  

“The goal is to have a program that encourages different types of packaging. More recyclable, less redundant packaging that’s not necessary on products,” said Andy Tchir, Devon’s Environment and Sustainability Coordinator. 

He believes consumers’ interests are not being met. 

“Currently in Alberta, we actually we pay twice for recycling. Once when we purchase products and second when we dispose of our products,” he said.

Alberta is one of Canada’s only provinces that currently does not have a program like this in place. Tchir suggested the province could model the system after existing programs such as the one in British Columbia.

Tchir says the changes in global recycling in the past year is partly what inspired the town to create this campaign.

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