Devon continues environmental initiatives

The town is showing its dedication to environmental issues in 2019.

The Town of Devon continues striving to address environmental issues.

As of 2019, the community has hosted the Energy Futures roadshow, looked to introduce a province-wide Extended Producer Responsibility program, and are currently running a contest that’s aimed at reducing the use of plastic bags within the town.

The town’s Environment & Sustainability Coordinator, Andy Tchir, says it’s important to always be working with the future in mind. 

“We’re trying to come full circle and keep moving forward on these types of things, because it’s a great benefit to the municipality. It helps us keep pace with some of the larger regional municipalities and it shows we deal with responsibility for current and future generations,” he said.

He says his role plays a great importance within Devon.

“Town council sees a lot of potential and importance in this type of role. It’s very important in correcting any inefficiencies, in seeking various opportunities, whether it’s grant-funding or partnering with industry, and [dealing with] waste and recycling,” he said.

Tchir says the town is currently taking on milestones two and three of the Partners for Climate Protection program, which looks at energy reduction strategies, implementing new technologies, and educate members of the community.

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