Council reschedules public hearing

UDI reps to address council on proposed site change

Local developers are asking the City of Spruce Grove to make a change, specifically when it comes to single detached homes that back out onto a laneway.

The local chapter of the Urban Development Institute is asking that the minimum site width be decreased from 9 metres down to 8.5, as there's often extra room in between houses on those developments.

Deputy Mayor Searle Turton says a mix-up at Monday's meeting meant some reps from UDI didn't get a chance to speak - so council's going to redo that public hearing.

"We felt that due to procedural issues that our developers didn't have a chance to present about the public hearing, and their thoughts and opinions on it. So we decided to put it back out to the public to have new public hearing regarding this, which will be coming out in a couple of weeks," he said.

"We feel that this will just give our development community ample opportunity to speak to this."

He also pointed out that only houses with back alleys would be affected.

"It's a very specific type of housing unit - we're trying to give our developers opportunities to put forward ideas for new types of housing projects that will increase the levels of affordability for our residents," he said.

"And this is a trend that's happening right through the Capital Region, in terms of higher densification, it makes for better urban designs."

Turton also clarified his plans for the upcoming provincial election, in which he's the local UCP candidate.

He says he'll take a leave of absence from council throughout the official campaign, and that he's asking the city to ensure that it's an unpaid break.

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