Council contemplates hosting professional boxing match in Stony Plain

The Oct. 19 event would be live streamed as part of the RJJ Boxing on UFC Fight Pass.

Stony Plain council will hear a proposal to bring a professional boxing match to Heritage Park this fall.

At Monday’s meeting, Rick Van Hemmen, Chair of the Central Combative Sports Commission (CCSC), will present his intentions to hold the event on Oct. 19.

Pasqualino Santoro, a promotor with Roy Jones Jr. and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) initially approached Town administration with the idea.

The Heritage Park Pavilion has already been tentatively booked for October 14-19 for pre-event preparation. To confirm the booking, Santoro needs permission from council and approval that enables the CCSC to oversee the event under Penhold Bylaw 748/18. The CCSC oversees boxing and other combative sports, and operates out of Penhold, Alberta. This bylaw provides further details on holding an event outside of the authorized area.

The Town says the event will showcase Stony Plain, saying it’s expected to bring considerable media and boxing enthusiast exposure and will be live streamed as part of the RJJ Boxing on UFC Fight Pass.

Monday’s council meeting goes at 6:00.

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