CN Line Twinning Project Being Considered in Stony Plain

CN Rail has advised Stony Plain that they are being considered for a line twinning project in the town.

The Town of Stony Plain has been made aware of a possible line twinning project from CN Rail.

At this time, the project has only been outlined and further details have not been provided.

This advisory from CN comes directly after the Council returned from their Strategic Planning Retreat where they discussed how to handle the growing community and changing demographics moving forward. In these conversations Council discussed pedestrian safety and the impact on the current pedestrian underpass. They also addressed the potential to work on enhancing the emergency services ability to respond when trains are passing through the community.

Mayor William Choy has since asked CN to present more clear details to Council as he says, "We have asked CN to attend a Council meeting and explain the project. This line is a big part of Stony Plain and Council wants to understand why this is needed and what it means for our community."

Mayor Choy also explained that Town staff are currently working on how a twinning project would impact the community and how it impacts pedestrian safety. They are also trying to ensure CN hears from the community.

Council has asked CN to present on the project at a February Council meeting.



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