City of Spruce Grove Begins Budget Talks

Proposed corporate plan highlights next three years.

Beginning today at 4 p.m., Spruce Grove City Council will begin working through and discussing the 2018 - 2020 corporate plan- essentially, the city's budget.

The full proposed plan can be viewed on the city's website here, but here are a few of the highlights in the proposal:

  • Recommended municipal property tax increase of 3.9% (another $6.88/month per household)
    • This amounts to a total to the city of $342,411.
  • No recommended increase for electric franchise fees
  • Recommended water and sewer utility rate incrase of 6.42% (another $4.73/month per household)
  • No solid waste rate increase.

Council has scheduled meetings for today, Tuesday and Wednesday to go through, discuss and ultimately vote on the plan's approval.  Last year's corporate plan meetings required only two of the three days, while two years ago all three days were needed.  


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