Changes coming to Stony Plain's blue bag pickup

The town will be updating which items it accepts starting on June 3.

What you are able to recycle through Stony Plain’s blue bag program is changing.

The town is relaunching its ‘Don’t Just Trash It’ campaign to encourage residents to think before they purchase, trash, recycle, and compost items.

Some of the types of waste that will no longer be accepted through recycling pickup include to-go coffee cups, plastic clamshell packaging, and shredded paper, just to name a few. Items that will still be accepted must be rinsed and dried before pickup if necessary.

Administration says this update stresses the importance of the province introducing a standardized Extended Producer Responsibility program. An EPR would aim to shift the costs and responsibility of recycling from consumers and governments over to the producers themselves.

These changes, along with the ones made in January of this year, come in response to China changing its policies on what types of waste it accepts from North America.  

You can download the My Waste app to track waste and recycling information in Stony Plain. 

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