Cannabis legalization is around the corner and it seems no one knows what to expect

Some of the major concerns surrounding the legalization is variety in product as well as supply.

Cannabis legalization is now one short day away and its hard to predict how it's going to unfold.

According to a local grower in Parkland it may not be what everyone is expecting, anyone looking for a variety of products will be out of luck.

With the massive buzz that accompanies the legalization, the local grower says there could be a serious inventory issue in the first few months of the products being on shelves.

For the first year or so, there will only be "LP" Cannabis on the markets which according to the grower is a poor quality strain.


Regular cannabis users can expect to see an uptake in different strains that vary in taste and effects in a year or so.

If anyone is looking to buy into the hype once cannabis is legal tomorrow they'll have two options Nova Cannabis at Grove Landing in Spruce Grove and Daily Blaze on 50th street in Stony Plain.


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