Call to Duty Youth Camp Comes Back For a Second Year

Camp participants work together to help get Stony Plain Fire Chief Dave Mistal out of a wrecked car.

23 teens worked alongside the three emergency services.

The Rural Crime Watch Association, Spruce Grove/Stony Plain/Enoch RCMP and local emergency response services are partnering up to bring the second annual Call to Duty Youth Camp to Parkland County.

Given the success of last years camp it was renewed for a second year after the youth from the first year gave glowing evaluations. Stony Plain Fire Chief Trevor Mistal says "We had great response from the cadets last year so it was a no-brainer this year when they asked we jumped at it".

The program was extended from a one day camp to three days to help further immerse the kids in the various emergency services. The camp brings 23 kids aged 13- 18 and introduces them to different types of emergency services ranging from going through the Fire Hall Maze and smoke trailer to learning how to use different rescue equipment. The camp also included scenario training to help bring all the elements of emergency response together as Mistal explains "In our final scenario we had three victims in a car and the cadets actually led the extrication so it was good to see all the skills they learned pulled together in the end."

Although the camp primarily focuses on educating kids about the various emergency services, the primary objective of the camp is to educate the teens on making strong and safe choices in the community. "Bad decisions have consequences" Mistal says "and if we can spend three days that some kids don't go down that path then it's been a great success."

The camp culminates in a graduation ceremony for the cadets on August 10th.


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