Budget 2018 Helps Fund a Replacement School in Stony Plain

Stony Plain Central will soon be replaced with funding from the provincial government.

With the Budget 2018 tabled yesterday big news came for the Town of Stony Plain.

The budget see's $398 million being invested into building 20 new schools across the province and one of those projects is the replacement of Stony Plain Central. MLA Erin Babcock, who was a large advocate to get the school replaced, stressed the importance of collaboration with the town and Parkland School Division. She notes, "along with the Town of Stony Plain and Parkland School Division, I was aware of and advocated for it to be in the program as part of the 20 new schools going up across the province." further adding, "with one of the highest growth rates, this region desperately needs a new school to help support our young families".

Babcock also broke down further why Stony Plain Central was chosen as the school in the area which needed to be replaced. She adds, "It's definitely one of our older schools, and one that has been impacted by our growth in the region, there's a good number of students that are overflowing in Stony Plain Central and they're doing the best they can with the limited physical resources they have". She says because of these reasons, Parkland School Division put it at the top of their list in Stony Plain. Additionally, the Town of Stony Plain wanted to make sure this school got replaces as it was in the heart of Stony Plain.

MLA Babcock added she was unsure how much of the $398 million dollar fund Stony Plain Central would be receiving. She also added further discussions will need to take place with Parkland School Division and the Town of Stony Plain on whether the new school will stand on the old ground or if it will be located elsewhere.

In closing Babcock explained Stony Plain Central has been identified as a school with great needs for some time and adds, "I'm just glad we decided not to make deep cuts, and to support the growth of our region".


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