Brookwood School hit by cold spell

The school is expected to be closed on Tuesday and will reopen on Wednesday.

On Monday, Brickwood School in Spruce Grove experienced issues with its boiler due to the extreme cold temperatures.

The Kindergarten through grade four school will be closed on Tuesday, with the repairs expected to be completed by Wednesday.

“In order to get the necessary work done, we are asking parents to keep their children at home or [to arrange] alternate childcare,” said Jordi Weidman of Parkland School Division.

Some parents chose to pick their children up on Monday, but Weidman says the school expects the temperature to remain comfortable until the end of the day.  

“There’s so many modular classrooms in that school [and] they all have their own independent heat sources that are not connected to the boiler in the core building. There’s lots of places for the students to be for the balance of the day,” he said.

He says the school is providing temporary heat to the core of the building to ensure other building systems are not damaged by the weather.

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