Boundary Road Gets a Facelift

In the first year of reconstruction, the road is 65% completed.

With the end of the 2017 construction season, the Town of Stony Plain has provided updates regarding their two year Boundary Road Re-Construction Project.

Recently, a portion of the road was reopened from Highway 16A to 44th Avenue. The intersection on 44th Avenue is currently serving as a three way stop.

By the end of 2017 the town expects to install traffic signals and updated signage for the road which will cause intermittent road closures. The new signage will involve the renaming of the road to "Veterans Boulevard" and once signage is up, the project will be referred to by the new road name.

South of 44th Avenue to Fairway Drive including the CN Railway and Graybriar Drive will remain closed to the public due to existing roadway construction and safety concerns. CN's contractor has also caused a delay due to their incompletion. The plan is to reopen this portion in the spring of 2018.

The contractor plans to reopen the intersection of Fairway Drive and Boundary Road on November 24th. They will also open Boundary Road south to Highway 628 for two way traffic in the winter months. The Town will be responsible for road maintenance during the winter, while the contractor will close the road once construction begins again in 2018.

Currently the project has spent $5,558,003 of the budgeted $16,224,404. Overall, the project is expected to remain under budget.



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