Attack of a Good Samaritan in Spruce Grove has police on the lookout

Spruce Grove RCMP are on the lookout for 4 individuals who beat up a man to within inches of his life.

A 24 year old man is recovering in the hospital after being nearly beaten to death Sunday morning.

Anthony Anderson was beaten with a pool cue and a longboard around 4 AM on June 17 after he noticed a group of 4 young males trying to break into vehicles in the area of Maple Street and Miller Avenue in Spruce Grove. Anderson, who confronted them, was assaulted and almost beaten to death. The Spruce Grove RCMP are in hot pursuit of the 4 males, with Anderson saying one of them was riding a white bmx-style bicycle. Anyone with any information about the incident is to call Spruce Grove RCMP or Crimestoppers immediately.



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