Annexation coming between Spruce Grove and Parkland County

Plans are in infancy as councils sign agreement earlier this week.

Spruce Grove and Parkland County councils have come to an agreement on future annexation.

 The groups signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Tuesday after months of deliberation that lead to Parkland County annexing seven quarter-sections, which meets the city’s short-medium term growth requirements. Spruce Grove identified a total of 22 quarter-sections that will be needed to meet their growth demands up until 2040.

The annexation will result in Parkland County setting aside land for Spruce Grove's future residential and commercial developments.  

“We were informed by the City of Spruce Grove early in 2018 that they needed additional lands to address the growth problems they are experiencing currently. And to address future growth as well,” said Parkland County Mayor Rodney Shaigec. 

The plans are in the very early stages, but Shaigec says Spruce Grove is reviewing infrastructure restraints, environmental effects and the costs of growth in certain areas. He believes they should have the results within the next week, which will lead to further discussion between the two parties. 

Shaigec says the process was not easy. 

“[The meeting] started out on a bit of tenuous ground but we brought in a facilitator to help the discussion. In the last three months we’ve had very positive and encouraging discussions and identified and come to an agreement on the number of quarter-sections the city would be annexing,” he said. 

The Mayor says progress is moving faster than comparable annexation ventures, with the project expected to be completed in around two years. 

“This was a very accelerated, expedited process, largely because we did have that facilitation, which certainly garnered more trust and respect and understanding amongst all parties,” he said. 

“It’s an exciting time. I think the three municipalities recognize that a lot is changing," he said. 

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