Alderman Declares Bid for Re-Election

Searle Turton has been a council member since 2010. (Photo from City of Spruce Grove)

Searle Turton seeks to continue as an Alderman next fall.

Alderman Searle Turton is announcing his intention to run for re-election when Spruce Grove heads to the polls on October 16th, 2017.

Turton has been an Alderman for over 7 years, first being elected to council in 2010, and in Spruce Grove's most recent election in 2013 he was the only Alderman candidate to receive over three thousand votes.  

In a release, Turton highlights growth as the number one issue facing Spruce Grove.

"Our communitiy continues to grow and develop at a rate that introduces a wide range of challenges," notes Turton.  "Building a strong and vibrant community requires the new ideas and energy that I have brought, and will continue to bring, to the council table."

In an exclusive interview with One News, Turton also expressed enthusiasm about the future of downtown Spruce Grove.

"For the first time, it's actually being steered and directed by business owners and not city council.  The last thing we need is more top-down political oversight," says Turton.  "Any time you can help promote and support business owners that are wanting to make their area a viable place for business, as a city it's incumbent on us to make sure they have all the tools they need to succeed."

A focal point of the Spruce Grove election also figures to be the $79 million dollar Multi-Use Sport and Event Centre proposal on the Westwind lands, and Turton remains guarded on the issue but gives his support up to this point.

"I'm pleased with the numbers and the business plan so far but until that final picture comes out in December 2017 or January 2018, I can't make a decision," says Turton, before adding, "As of now, there's enough positive merits to this project that the city has no choice but to take a real serious look at it."

Aside from the growth of Spruce Grove's recreational and cultural amenities, Turton also wishes to focus on regional co-operation should he be re-elected.

Click here to hear the full, unedited interview between Alderman Searle Turton and The One 88.1 FM News Director Tom Strangward.  You can also find the interview at the bottom of this page.


Full interview with Alderman Searle Turton: 



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