Alderman Candidate Looks to Close the Gap

Michelle Thiebaud-Gruhlke is running for an Alderman spot on Spruce Grove Council. (Photo: Twitter)

After coming close in 2013, Michelle Thiebaud-Gruhlke is going for a Spruce Grove Council spot again.

In a candidate field filled with new faces, a familiar face is looking to earn her first term as an Alderman on Spruce Grove City Council this fall.  

Michelle Thiebaud-Gruhlke, 41, also campaigned in the 2013 municipal election and earned 2,445 votes- falling just 290 votes shy of the sixth and final Alderman seat.  

"In the previous election, I tried to do minimal signs and did as much door knocking as I could," says Thiebaud-Gruhlke.  "I'm passionate about the community.  I live here, I have a small business here so I'm invested in every facet of my life."

Thiebaud-Gruhlke is going for a seat the second time around as she wants to make sure the city continues to grow in a sustainable fashion and make sure council is in control of future development based on what citizens are looking to see.

"I want to bring back the community and take kind of control over the things that the city puts off on other people- developers, third parties, the administration," explains Thiebaud-Gruhlke.  

One example of this is automated traffic enforcement, as Thiebaud-Gruhlke would like to see the city take over the program entirely in order to change the optics of the divisive program.

"I think you'll hear incumbents say that we've reduced the amount of tickets we give out per hour but I would also argue that people are travelling through our community less because of that stigma," she says.

As for growth of the city, Thiebaud-Gruhlke thinks the spread of the city should be a controlled growth which doesn't sacrifice the amenities and services provided.

"For every house dollar that you bring in it costs you $1.75 to provide services," claims Thiebaud-Gruhlke. "So, we really have to be careful on how far we grow out.  I think we are under-utilizing growing up."

"I want to make sure that we've got good spending habits, that we're growing in a certain way that is responsible for our community and that we're not just not letting people come in to make money."

For the full exclusive one-on-one interview with Spruce Grove Alderman candidate Michelle Thiebaud-Gruhlke, click here or click play on the file in this story:



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