Alderman Candidate Looks to Bring Diversity, Fresh Ideas

Jan Gillett is a first-time alderman candidate. (Facebook)

Jan Gillett of Parkland Pregnancy Support Centre is looking for a council seat.

A first time candidate is looking to take one of the Alderman seats in the upcoming Spruce Grove municipal election.

Jan Gillett is looking to make the leap to municipal politics after raising her three daughters in Spruce Grove over the last twenty years.  Gillett is the founder and executive director of Parkland Pregnancy Support Centre, which was established in the city in 2013.  According to Gillett, this experience would translate well to a council seat.

"It's taught me a lot about being flexible, about working with partnerships in the community and listening to people about their needs," Gillett tells One News.  "It's taught me to balance budgets and use a lot of leadership skills, so I think I would bring those to city council as well."

Gillett's platform outlines a focus on initiatives to support local business, accessible public transportation, affordable housing, efficient and accountable government and the promotion of recreation, arts and culture.  When it comes to the pressing issue of the proposed Multi-Use Sport and Event Centre in Spruce Grove, Gillett feels the public needs to have a big say in its future before the next council makes any decisions.

"Right now, there's just a lot of questions and there just isn't enough information for me to make an informed decision.  We need more information," explains Gillett.  "And I think council needs more information from the public."

Gillett is also a proponent of taking a considerable look at how the city uses automated traffic enforcement while the provincial government conducts their own ATE review.

"Let's actually have it in schools and playground zones.  I think the issue here is it's run by a third party for profit and they place the vehicles in high traffic areas for increased tickets, and that translates into increased profits," says Gillett.  "I'm in favour of keeping ATE for red light infractions and stop signs."

With Spruce Grove continuing to grow, Gillett also has a vision for the city can adjust for the non-stop flow of new residents.

"I think we need to plan for growth, we have to ensure we can continue to provide essential emergency services and other services to our residents," confirms Gillett, who sees potential in the industrial area.  "I think if we can encourage industrial growth, that there's a tax base from there that could contribute to facilities or programs for social issues.

To hear the full, unedited One News interview with Spruce Grove Alderman candidate Jan Gillett, click here or click play on the file below:


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