Alberta Party's Boles reflects on election results

Optimistic as more younger voters attracted to Party

Spruce Grove-Stony Plain's Alberta Party candidate says he's remaining optimistic with some of the numbers coming in from last month's provincial election.

Ivan Boles says the Alberta Party got roughly 10% of the vote province-wide, which is an improvement.

"The Alberta Party came from a 2% position in the polls, to around 10%, plus or minus. There were some ridings where we had over 30%, some ridings were quite a bit below 10%. Province-wide, it was around the 10% figure, so that was quite a climb - a very positive move," he said.

In Spruce Grove-Stony Plain, Boles received 2,597 votes, amounting to 9.7%.

He says the party was also encouraged about a particular demographic.

"Voters under 35 years of age, who did not carry the prejudices and biases and fears of previous elections were very positive to the Alberta Party presentation and platform. And that bodes very well for what we could do, what the Alberta Party can do in the future."

The Party also performed better in this year's Student Vote, where over 165,000 elementary and high school students participated in a mock election.

18% of students voted for the Party, electing three of its MLAs.

The Alberta Party wasn't able to secure its seat in the legislature, after former leader Greg Clark lost his constituency in Calgary.

Boles says it was both rewarding and enjoyable to run in the local campaign, and isn't wanting to publicly state what plans are in his future.

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