According to Alberta RCMP this week is the busiest of the year for car theives

Last year 34 cars were stolen every day

The Alberta RCMP reported more than 12 thousand cars or 34 or a day were reported stolen last year and typically this is the most active time of the year for car thieves.

In total, 12,362 vehicles were reported stolen to RCMP in 2017.

RCMP say 51 percent of the thefts were trucks, cars make up 15 percent, SUV's make up 11 percent.Motorcycles made up for 3 percent, Minivans made up 2 percent and the other 18 percent was classified as other.

The majority of the thefts in Alberta were reported in Red Deer, however Stony Plain was in the top 10 with 413 thefts.

In 2017, the most active time for vehicle thefts took place at 8am on Monday mornings.

RCMP recommended keeping vehicles locked at all times, always close windows and hide or keep valuables out of the vehicle.


JL/ One News

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