A Race for Mayor in Parkland County

Parkland County Mayor candidate Curtis Roper.

Curtis Roper is looking to take over the Mayor's chair in this month's election.

With three candidates, the race to become the next mayor of Parkland County is one of the more interesting- and crowded- stories to watch when the Tri Region heads to the polls two weeks from today.

One of those three men is Curtis Roper, a printer and avid cyclist who looks to become the next mayor of the county running on a platform of accountability for tax dollars, improving tax dollar efficiency, good decision making and reviewing policies.

"Just analyzing things in general and also bringing creative ideas," Roper tells One News.  "I think my background will benefit council just from running a business for ten years, setting up our own policies."

A common issue raised by both incumbent candidates running for re-election and those looking to serve their first term is communication, with many citing a need to improve the relationship of the county's government and residents.  This isn't lost on Roper.

"More transparency between council and residents is just allowing people to see, encouraging them to attend council meetings and have the information readily available," says Roper.  "Anything that's related to decision making and what's behind the decisions- that's important to bring to the residents."

In identifying a platform on which to run, Roper looked for issues which seemed to be prominent for residents and then provided his views.

"My platform is basically here's the topics, this is what I think about them, and then people can decide," explains Roper.  One issues identified by Roper is property tax.

"When I see the essence of why people are upset about the property tax, I think what it could be about is are they getting value for their property tax dollars," says Roper.  "The important thing with that is I don't know if there's policies in place to measure how the services are being delivered to the residents."

Roper also has thoughts on health and wellness, something he says is very personal to him, the ongoing Spruce Grove Gun Club issue regarding the land use bylaw and the coal phase out.

"I think the decisions regarding the gun club should be based on the facts of who was in the area first.  I think that is the only just way to come up with a solution," states Roper on the Land Use Bylaw saga which would prohibit outdoor gun ranges such as the SGGC.

On the coal phase out, Roper certainly feels he supports affected workers but is a believer climate change is man made.

"I do think people affected by the coal emissions phase out should be compensated in some way or the other, whether it's support or re-training," says Roper.  "The reason why is the government has changed the laws."

To hear the full, unedited interview with Parkland County mayor candidate Curtis Roper, click play on the file below:


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