A Fresh Face Hopes to Bring A Full Perspective to Council

Courtesy: Celeste Chaytors - Parkland County

Celeste Chaytors hopes she can represent Division 3 in the upcoming Parkland Municipal Election.

Another fresh face is hoping to bring her experience to Parkland County Council.

Celeste Chaytors is running for her first time hoping to bring strong representation to Division 3 in the County. Chaytors has lived in the area for 16 years and has chosen Parkland County as the place to raise her family. Chaytors believes her personal experience gives her a unique and full perspective of the residents issues. Having lived in the rural area in addition to her family working in the oil and gas industry she believes she can relate to a large area of the community. Chaytors admits she has no personal agenda but still believes she can be a strong voice on Council.

Chaytors has started a career working with apps which has given her some insight into how to communicate with residents. She says in a one-on-one interview with One News in her many years living in the county she has never had a Councillor talk to her. If elected, she believes communication is one key element that needs to change and she believes social media can be a great outlet to keep resident of Parkland County informed. She notes, "I think you have to communicate with people where they go, and people are communicating on these platforms and I think it is a place we really need to take a look at".

In talking with residents in the area, Chaytors has also noticed a shift in rural crime. Chaytors goes on to say, "no one in Parkland County locked their doors and now everybody is not only locking their doors they are getting cameras and security systems put into their homes". Chaytors add if elected she would want to work with the RCMP to make people feel safer in their neighbourhoods as she adds, "I really want to take a look a that if elected to see if we can work with our RCMP and our sheriffs to see what we can do to help our constituents feel safer".

Chaytors is no stranger to the issues that are currently impacting residents of Parkland County, as she speaks to the impacts of the coal phaseout. She explains that unfortunately municipal government is left with much of the leftovers from provincial and federal government despite it impacting municipal residents the most. She does see a possible solution that could lessen the impact on coal communities. She says, "I would really like to see companies invest in Parkland County, we have amazing land and an amazing county that we can bring so many amazing businesses into".

In discussing the land use bylaw amendments pertaining to outdoor gun ranges and specifically the Spruce Grove Gun Club Chaytors feels the situation is challenging but has not been handled appropriately. She understands the issues on both sides but sees the amendments as a possible way to scare off potential business in the County. She adds, "if a business is looking into our County and wanting to invest here they may be scared off by why would I put a business in this County when they can change the rules at any time".

In closing, Chaytors shares her vision going forward, "I believe there is room for growth, but I also believe there is room for the family farm".

To hear the full unedited interview with Parkland County Council Candidate Celeste Chaytors, click the player below.



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