384 snowy sidewalk complaints in to Stony bylaw

Only one power cord complaint made so far

With the snow and cold temperatures we've had over the last few weeks, it's worth getting a reminder on what that means for property owners.

As of the end of last week, Stony Plain peace officers had responded to 384 situations of snow covered sidewalks since the beginning of November.

It's up to property owners to deal with snow and ice build up on the sidewalk in front of their homes, and to avoid shoveling snow onto the road.

With colder temperatures, road salt loses its effectiveness, so the town is reminding people that free sand is available through Public Works, as long as you bring a bucket to take it home in.

For the first time this winter, peace officers did get a complaint last week about a power cord being left running over a sidewalk, which is a traffic bylaw violation.

With the extreme temperatures, bylaw says it hasn't been proactively enforcing this, but is asking people to use driveways where they can, as it's a hazard for people walking and for machines clearing those sidewalks.

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