2018 report shows growth for Tri-leisure Centre

The TLC saw an 81% expense recovery and an increase in membership in 2018.

The Tri-leisure Centre’s 2018 Annual Report shows nearly universal improvements from the previous year.

General Manager of the TLC, Lenny Richer, presented these findings to both Stony Plain and Spruce Grove councils on Monday.

The report analyzes each year’s revenue, expenses, and membership stats.

The facility recovered about 81% of its expenses in 2018, earning back about 6.4 million of its 7.9 million dollars in expenses. This is a slight dip from the year previous, but still an improvement on the numbers in 2015 and 2016.

The report says the largest revenue earner was pass fees, while the biggest expense came through salaries and benefits.

TLC memberships grew from 5031 in 2017, to 5215, with members scanning in 5% more last year.

Library memberships also more than doubled in number, bringing the amount to 555 in 2018.

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