Humboldt Strong

We are all Broncos now!

The One is Humboldt Strong! If you would like to support the Humboldt Broncos here are some ways that are happening right now in our community!


Freson Bros. 

Freson Bros. has created an education fund for the children of the Humboldt Broncos Coach and longtime friend, Darcy Haugan, and a fund for Player #30, Parker Tobin. We want to extend the opportunity for customers to donate their filled Smart Shopper cards where we will add $1.00 for every card donated to the funds. Additionally, you are welcome to donate a dollar amount of your choice if you do not have filled Smart Shopper cards. Freson Bros. is proud to start the education fund for Haugan's children with a $25,000 donation and a $2,500 donation to the Parker Tobin fund.

Playing for Humboldt - May 12



If you are doing something in the community to help out the Humboldt Broncos please e-mail to get it added to The Humboldt Strong page!


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