Forest Green Fundraising Society FUNDrive (Oct 2 to Nov 8)

Forest Green Fundraising Society is partnering with Value Village for a unique fundraiser called FUNDrive. They are hoping to collect donations of items from our community that they will bring to Value Village at the end of the fundraiser. Value Village will donate money for every pound that is collected.They are considering raising money to enhance the classroom setting with an exercise bike for each classroom, FM systems and more!!


This is a unique fundraiser, as it has no cost to you!  Simply bring your unwanted items to the school, from October 2 until November 8 during school hours. There will be a bin at the front door of the school that you can drop your donations off at and leave the rest to them! If you are unable to deliver your items to the school, please feel free to call or text Tina at 587-873-0050.


To make this happen they need to donate approximately 25,000 lbs!! This is a realistic number!!  You could ask your family, friends and neighbours to donate items as well.


Value Village accepts: Clothing, shoes, accessories, handbags, small household items (no furniture), bedding, towels, CD’s, DVD’s, books, toys, games, knick knacks, sporting goods and craft items.  Please keep in mind that Value Village will not weigh anything that is longer than your arm or larger than a microwave.


They thank-you in advance for your donations!

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