Spin the Captain's Wheel

Each weekday morning, Spin the Captain’s Wheel at 8:35 to win a $10 gift card to Appetite Delight!


When you call in at 587 763 8810, you’ll spin the wheel and then play the random game it lands on, if you’re successful at the game you’ll score the gift card!


Here’s what you could be playing:


Liar’s Club: Guess whether the lie Andy gives you is True or False.

Scattergories: You’ll be given a category and you have 10 seconds to list 5 things that fall under it.

Name that Tune: Name the song from the clip Andy plays you!

Country Karaoke: Andy will play a song clip, when the lyrics stop you need to continue them for a verse to win!


Appetite Delight, treat your appetite to a delight! Find them at 76 Oswald Drive in Spruce Grove.

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