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"Thank you for allowing us to stop by and deliver Blizzards to your team at The One in Leduc and Parkland County as well as help us promote Miracle Treat Day. On behalf of Children’s Miracle Network, the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation and the millions of children who benefit from funds raised on Miracle Treat Day, we thank you for your support! We look forward to working with you in the future." - Vanessa Lewis



Good Afternoon Denise! I just wanted to thank you and your extremely talented team for everything that you've done for us this past week. You are all such a delight to work with and we are very grateful and happy with the outcome! You can absolutely count on us for good thoughts and reviews, and we hope to be working with you in the future! - Leah Gibson, iHear Unicare


"Katie, Your show is great, and I just want to give a shout out to Thomas, whose sports coverage and morning jokes are wonderful. You guys make my day!" - Stephen Whitehead
"You guys are fabulous.  It is so great having our own local radio station.  I love the fact that we get news from our City Hall meetings etc.  Before you came along all we ever heard was Edmonton news." - Edna Hutchings, 1st Vice President Spruce Grove Legion
Hi Tom and Katie,
Thank you once again for coming out to the MD rooftop camp out. Without you guys I honestly don't know if we would've made as much. In saying that, We are already looking forward to next year and with next year we are wanting to nail down some dates that would work for both The radio station as well as the firefighters - Jordan Hoffman, MD Rooftop Camp out

Your station is awesome love your selection of music. I'm CJ from Sunnybrook AB.

Live in Spruce Grove? Follow @881TheOne covering Council. Really important discussion about fire hall- expansion or 2nd one? - Erin Stevenson @Dragon_Gemini

"I am LOVING throwback Thursday...had the radio cranked today. Keep in your station!" - Krista Rumberg

"Hi Katie! I listen to your show every morning. I just really wanted to say I think your doing an amazing job I think you and Tom are great together. Thank you for bringing me a smile in the mornings" - CaroleAnne

"First off, great to have a radio station in my hometown that plays the kind of music that you do!  And, the personalities are just as entertaining!" - Jason E Wilkinson

"I really appreciate the value to information you folks bring to Stony. Always on top of it. Thanks." - Blaine from twitter @mayorblaine 

"I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for help today and for the on air 'plugs'. I was listening on my drive home and Jayson was giving A&W a nice promo for MS. It is greatly appreciated.  I would certainly be willing help out with contests, prizes or other opportunities in the future. It's wonderful to have such a good partner in our community. Thanks again!" - Brad Stony Plain A&W

"I love hearing the Saints games on the radio! Tom and Chad are both amazing in their commentary. They get right into the game and get the listeners excited. It is like they draw in the listener. They are the best broadcast in the AJHL, heck anywhere. I used to be a 102.3 now radio listener and have completely switched over to 88.1 to listen to the Saints games and all the Saints reports. Because it promoted in such an energetic way on the radio I permanently have my radio dial set to 88.1.I will certainly be keeping 88.1 #1 on my preset." -Brenda Neville

"I called the station a few weeks ago to let them know how much I am enjoying listening to The One 88.1 FM and was told that you are the Program Director. So I thought I would put my thoughts onto paper. I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying listening to the station. My cousin 1st alerted me to the fact that this station even existed about a month after it went on the air. I started to listen to it at home on my kitchen radio and slowly my bedroom radio/alarm, and then my car were moved to your station. I am not always able to pick it up at work, so that is a bit less consistent (our computer firewalls do not allow me to listen to radio stations on-line), but you are my primary radio station now. I work at the University of Alberta Hospital - I generally lose the station at River Cree but occasionally, depending on the weather (I don't totally understand what the weather has to do with it, but it clearly plays a role), I am able to pick you up most of the way in. Once at work though I am only rarely able to pick up the station on my radio. The interesting thing is that one-day a week that I work out of our office in the Tech Edmonton Building on 104 Street and Jasper Ave, and I can pick you up all the way there. But again once inside the building I can't pick you up. My Mom lives in Gibbons - I only lose the station the last 10 minutes of the drive and then not completely, but with enough static that it is too annoying to listen to. I so enjoy having a local station, but that would not be enough to keep me listening if I did not also enjoy the on-air personalities. I know that many are new to radio and it has been fun listening as they grow into their positions and grow more comfortable being on the radio. And I love listening to our local news - what goes on at OUR City Hall, local events (there have been times I was not even aware that something was happening until I heard about it on the radio), including events at Stony Pain, Onoway etc. I had the pleasure of meeting Tom last fall at a "budget discussion meeting" that the government held at the Pioneer Centre in Spruce Grove last fall. He did not say much at the meeting as he was there to represent the station so did not put his personal views forth, but I had the opportunity to talk with him afterwards when a group of us stood out in the parking lot for over an hour and had a more general conversation. He is a very interesting young man, and presents himself well." - Edna Hutchings

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